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Daytime...hanging candle votives.

Daytime…hanging candle votives

Close up or hanging votive candles

Close up of hanging votive candles

Early candle making……….During the early 1880’s the majority of poor families were still making candles at home , even though skilled chandlers, or candle makers, were becoming more widespread. At this time, families made candles out of tallow, a substance rendered from the fat of sheep or cows. It was foul-smelling, created noxious fumes while burning and emitted a great deal of soot and smoke. Though tallow made for poor candles, the only other option was beeswax, which was far too expensive for the average family to afford and hard to come by in bulk. Candle making was usually done annually when a family’s livestock was butchered for the winter. The tallow was melted in a large vat. A wick was draped over a stick and then repeatedly dipped into the vat until the tallow built up on it. When the candles were thick enough, they were hung to harden, then stored to use throughout the year.

How times have changed. As an avid fan of candles, scented or non-scented; the illumination, allure and instant ambiance gives a wonderful feel to any room. Here is a quick fix….not worthy of calling it a project, since it is too simple….all that is required is a drill, anchors and hanging votive candle holders. Having a breakfast bar, and not really wanting rip up my ceiling and hire an electrician to install wiring to accommodate overhang lighting over my breakfast bar (enough task lighting is available), I wanted something to fill in the blank ceiling space above.

Always open to adding ambiance….hanging candles were the solution. I visited Pier One Imports and found three (keeping with the decorating rule, keep it in three), cute hanging votive candle holders….perfect. Small enough not to compete with my hanging chandeliers, it was a perfect fit. 1-2-3 installed. With Spring around the corner it is the best time to search out hanging votive candle holders, since many holders are on the market for outdoor use. Use your imagination…..bring them indoors. Empty corner?…hang three votive holders from the ceiling in intermittent lengths.