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City of Kitchener

City of Kitchener

It is that time of year where we receive our information package regarding the Designated Heritage Grant Program.
Owners of property in the City of Kitchener designated under the Ontario Heritage Act, as having cultural heritage value or interest, may be eligible to receive grants toward the conservation of their property.

Basically, grants are available for projects that conserve or enhance heritage attributes of the property. The approved grant amount is one half the lesser of either the “actual eligible project cost” or the “estimated eligible project cost”, from a minimum of $500 to a maximum of $3000 per property per year.
A property owner may receive one grant per property per calendar year.
The property owner should consult with the City’s Heritage Planner as early as possible in the process of planning a project.

In a ‘nutshell’….eligible projects fall into three general categories: (1) The preservation of existing architectural elements such as: doors, windows, masonry, and some roofing materials. (2) The restoration of significant architectural features which may exist but are beyond preservation or repair. (3) The restoration of significant architectural features which have been lost, documentation in form of historic drawings, photographs or other sources are required to describe the features (s) to be restored.

We a truly grateful to have such a wonderful program available for our city residents to preserve heritage buildings.

For more information on the City of Kitchener Designated Heritage Property Grant Program contact:
The Planning Division (519-741-2426)
Email: planning@city.kitchener.on.ca