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Mini splitElectric Baseboard HeaterElectric Baseboard Heating became popular in the 60’s when hydro costs were minimal, which is not the case anymore. It was a great source of heat at the time and used in many century homes as the main heating source since duct work installation was not required.

Today, it is no longer cost effective. Many century home owners do not want to install a gas furnace and a ducting system, simply because installing ductwork could involve removing plaster walls and possibly lowering ceilings, in addition to high installation costs. I am one of these home owners. After a season of outrageous electrical bills, I decided to research other options.

A new solution is a installing a mini-split ductless heat pump (which also has the capability of air conditioning). A condenser unit is installed outside, with tubing leading to interior units (called mini-splits), interior square footage will determine how many interior units are required. Approximate costs of this type of unit can run from approximately $3,000 – $6,000, depending on the number of splits required and square footage of the home. Quick installation and no interior damage is a bonus. I am extremely happy with the air conditioning feature, it works great and can cool my home very quickly. The heat-pump has not been functioning properly. After endless service calls to my supplier, it was realized that an exterior heating element should have be installed on the exterior….hoping to arrive any day now!