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radiant flooringRadiant floor heating systems supply heat directly from the floor but they can also be used in panels of a wall or ceiling of a house. Much more energy efficient than baseboard heating and can be more efficient than forced air duct heating since there is no duct heating loss. If you are allergy prone, this is a great option since allergens are not distributed through ducts in to the air.

Hydronic Radiant Floors are perfect if you have, or are considering a home with hot water heating/radiators . Hydronic Radiant Floors use liquid which is heated water pumped up from a boiler through tubing laid under the floor. They are the most popular and energy cost-effective radiant heating systems. Thermostats regulate room temperatures.

Electric Radiant Floors have cables installed directly under the floor. With the high cost of electricity they are not as energy cost-effective, unless you follow the “time of use rates”. Thermostats regulate room temperatures.

Bathrooms, as we know today, did not exist in the early century home. Bathroom installations became popular in the 1930’s and continued for several decades. Many bathrooms we see today in century homes were created from space taken from adjacent bedrooms, hallways or under stairwells, which did not incorporate proper heating in the new space. I have viewed (and owned) bathrooms with a small electric heater embedded or attached to a wall. Some bedrooms in century homes do not have a proper heating source if they were created as a piece of a larger bedroom, this type of heating system could be a solution. If you are considering replacing or changing flooring in any room, the addition of a radiant floor is the perfect time. Radiant floors also make sense for home additions or renovations since the cost of extending the current heating system to a new space could be very costly. Since heat rises….heating from the ground up makes sense. I have radiant heating in one of my bathrooms, there is nothing better than stepping on to a warm tiled floor!

Radiant flooring can be installed with most flooring; ceramic or stone being a preferred choice. Some applications are being used in outdoor space…..something to think about.

How to do? You can have it professionally installed; contact your local Heating & Air Conditioning Contractor. Do-it your selfer?…..many kits/mats are available at the ‘big box stores’.