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487Happy New Year and welcome to my blog. With a new year and a new beginning, I have decided to start a blog concentrating on the pros and cons of old home ownership as well as include information on the wonderful heritage areas of our region, including photos and descriptions of heritage and century homes.

The appeal of a century home is the charm that is felt as soon as you enter. Beautiful heavy wooden doors, some with transoms, leaded or stained glass windows, beautiful trim and molding, lovely staircases – many with detail, cozy fireplace(s) and if you are lucky….original wooden floors. The neighbourhoods of these homes are usually a quick walk to downtown, on tree-lined streets with lovely front porches where it is easy to chat and visit with neighbours. Making ownership of an older home even more interesting is researching the history of the previous owners.

One advantage an older home is the fact that they are typically well made, built with good, sturdy materials and strong craftsmanship, and have stood the test of time.

I refer to three categories of old home owners as: The “Diehards”: everything should remain original with furnishings and decor also be of the period. The “Gutters”….walls, windows, doors, plaster, it all goes, to be replaced with drywall, open concept living and modern amenities. The “In-betweeners”…. keeping as many of the original features as possible with modern updates, usually an eclectic mix is the end result. I fall in the last category.